Mini Biography

James was born in Kowloon Hongkong and raised in Ngau-Tao-Kok, Tsim-Sha-Tsui, Tsuen-Wan (Hongkong) and Bangkok (Thailand). James' mother, a Great Mother + Director of a garment factor / Housewife (Currently living in Bangkok - Thailand). James' father, a Great Father also a Property & land developer. James has an elder sister Bonny, a wife of Frankie has a Daughter Alisa (Currently living in Melbourne - Australia) and an older brother Granger, a hudsband of Yvonne has a son and a daughter (Currently living in Bangkok - Thailand). James had changed several schools since he was young, he attended schools in Hongkong and Thailand was due to the business of his family.

James starred in many productions in Theater, Film, Dubbing. His first professional acting role was in "Elder get fools too RERUN" in 1997 for Joyful Troup as Ah-Ming a Always Want More Waiter, and he went on to guest star in many productions in Hongkong. In 2001 a production of "Man murdered Nature murdered Man" won a prize - Drama 2001 festival contest - Outstanding Performance, and he starred as Informer, Fisherman and a Un-Plugged Sound Effect Player. In his spare time, James enjoys pratice Kung-Fu, swimming, biking, cooking, reading, and listening to music







On February 27, 2004 at 17:00 GMT+8, James Kazama finished his last day work in JNTO - (Japan National Tourism Board) at Taikoo Place - Quarry Bay - Hongkong. On the next day, he stepped on a plane and flew to Montpellier - France and started his Journey of Discovering...

James is currently living in Brussels - Belgium.

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